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Innovative. Safe. Fun.

Safety is our number one priority at Funtopia and we’re proud to say that we’re home to one of the world’s most innovative and safest climbing arenas.

From our self belay system to our flooring, we’ve done everything we can to keep you safe and ensure a funbelievable time is had by all.

Safety Features

Expert Staff & Training

All climbing sessions start with a 15-minute safety briefing where you will be fitted with a harness, shown how to operate the belay system and explained the key safety rules.

Our qualified staff will then join you in the arena to help you navigate the walls and provide encouragement where needed.

Innovative Climbing System

Our Self Belay is an innovative climbing connector, which increases safety by allowing users to climb only when they are properly attached to the device.

Our walls also feature a self-descending system, which brings you gently back to earth. No climbing buddy is needed!


General Entry Rules

  • Children must be supervised by a responsible parent or carer at all times
  • No gum, food or drinks to be taken into the climbing arena or playground
  • No outside food or drink allowed (with the exception of baby bottles and kid’s water bottles)
  • Play within your skill level – if you can’t reach it or climb it, then develop your skills on more suitable attractions
  • No running or rough play
  • Any child or adult who is observed bullying will be asked to leave the centre. No Refunds will be provided


Climbing Rules

To have a funbelievable adventure in Climbing World, you must agree to follow these simple but important safety rules:

  • Maximum weight limit is 120kg
  • Do not grab a harness unless instructed by a Funtopia team member.
  • Please ensure that your harness is at belly button height, on tight and the correct way around with the black loop in front. Please approach a team member to double check your harness and ask for a helmet if you wish to wear one.
  • Do not enter climbing arena unless you have had a full safety briefing and your harness has been checked
  • Do not enter climbing arena if you are pregnant or suffer from any physical injury or disability. Notify our staff and we will assist you and make sure it is safe for you to climb.
  • Do not enter climbing without permission from a Funtopia staff member. Please get the attention of a staff member to recheck you in before you re-enter. This is to ensure your harness is on correctly.
  • Once a Funtopian staff member has checked your harness and given you access to the arena then you are ready to climb. Approach the yellow gate in front of the wall. Clip your harness into the self-clip in device. If you have done so correctly, the gate should drop.
  • Raise your hand in the air to grab the attention of a staff member
  • When you are climbing and feel you are ready to jump off the wall, please check below and ensure there is no one standing below.
  • Simply connect the key back to the self-clip in device and off you go to the next wall.
  • If there is no yellow gate up against the wall, this means that someone is already climbing this wall. Please step back and wait for them to finish their climb
  • Please ensure you are properly dressed for climbing. No lanyards or chains around your neck. Close toed shoes are a must.
  • Always be aware of climbers above your head that may be coming down.

Playground Rules

  • To have a funbelievable adventure in our playground, we have some simple but important safety rules that we kindly ask you to follow.
  • Playground World is recommended for ages 2+ and Toddler World is strictly for infants aged 2 years and under
  • Socks must be worn by everyone who enters the playground area. No bare feet or shoes allowed.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • No food, drink or gum is permitted in the play area
  • Safety on slides – Don’t climb up the slides. Go down feet first in a sitting position one person at a time with your arms crossed on your chest.
  • Remove loose objects and jewellery
  • Don’t climb on the outside of attractions including on the netting, walls and supports
  • Wear appropriate clothing – we recommend removing hoodies and clothing with drawstrings that might get caught in the play structure.

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Climbing World

Have fun and stay active in our super-sized climbing arena

Playground World

Keep the kids entertained for hours in one of Australia’s largest indoor adventure playgrounds

Toddler World

Exclusive area for our littlest Funtopians with soft play, slides and interactive games to encourage imaginative play

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Temporarily Closed

Due to current Victorian Government restrictions, Funtopia Carrum downs is temporarily closed. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for further updates.