Indoor Play Centre For School Holidays.

Playtime is a crucial part of growing up – especially playtime that introduces your little one to new environments and opportunities to learn! We’ve rounded up some of the ways playtime at Funtopia will help your little one develop social skills, encourage healthy physical growth, stimulate cognitive development, and more!

Playtime for cognitive development

Funtopia offers indoor themed areas for children of different ages to enjoy. Activity zones like ball pits and an obstacle course provide a safe, supervised environment in which your child can practice their motor skills and take part in games, mini-races, or other activities to increase their physical fitness and make friends! Playtime for physical development Funtopia includes a large playground, obstacle course, slides and climbing equipment to encourage physical development and strength building for your little one! Playtime for learning and exploration Funtopia is one of only a few indoor play centers – giving your child the opportunity to play with a variety of age-appropriate toys.

Social skills

Funtopia has something for kids of all ages to enjoy and interact with one another. So whether your little one is a little shy and unsure of approaching other kids, or is already outgoing and keen to make friends, Funtopia will make it easy for them to find a friend or two to play with! Healthy development Funtopia incorporates various play areas that encourage children to play actively. Play is a fantastic way to develop a child’s gross motor skills and encourage physical exercise. It also helps them develop fine motor skills and improve coordination and strengthens emotional awareness. It also helps to improve vision, which helps to develop the ability to focus.

Healthy physical growth

This is a big deal, especially if your little one has just started to get into sport. “Physical activity is a key part of a child’s health and development, and it has the power to do more than just help your child get fit. It can be an important part of their play as well,” writes Laura Brennan, a certified nutritionist and mum of three. Of course, just 30 minutes a day on the trampoline or swing will not have any lasting effects on your child’s weight or health. A playground activity is a much better way to achieve those long-term benefits. “Aim for 30 minutes of solid activity on one day per week – aim to play in different areas of the park,” says Brennan. “Even walking around a playground and watching kids run around the play equipment is an excellent activity.

Sensory integration

The idea of being inside a place where the air conditioning is loud and many people are talking or doing something stimulating might be a little challenging for some children. However, Funtopia offers a sensory-inclusive environment for kids of all abilities. They offer sensory activities including, mini-karts, carousel, games, and more. Vocabulary and vocabulary building Imagine the excitement your little one might feel knowing that at this play center they’re in a room surrounded by all different kinds of interesting looking foods! Kids love “learning” new words and that’s exactly what you can do by exploring a “food-rich” environment during the school holidays!


With an indoor play centre like Funtopia, your child can go from normal childhood to one with even more exciting activities. Whether it’s swim lessons, a sports-centric play time, or even just having fun playing and using their imagination, we hope to inspire your child to continue learning and developing to their full potential in the future. We hope this article has given you some ideas for some play activities for your child. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about play time and why you think indoor play centres are best for kids activities during school holidays. If you’d like more information, visit our Attractions page.


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